Most forms are fillable PDF files, however you cannot save data typed into the form. You must print the form with the data typed in. All forms must be printed and signed as we require a signature on file. 

2018 Registration Form (Camper/PA/Adult Volunteer)

 - Required for ALL campers and volunteers

2018 Financial Assistance Application

 - Only for Volunteer-Led Day Camp financial aid requests

2018 Girl/Adult Health History Form

 - Required for ALL campers and volunteers

2018 Resident Camp Physical Exam Form

 - Required for any attendee with Ongoing medical concerns only

2018 Medication-Information-Form

 - Required for any attendee for whom medicine will be dispensed at camp

2018 Camper Code of Conduct

- Required for campers

2018 Volunteer Code of Conduct

- Required for ALL older girl and adult volunteers


About the Health History forms: This form is the same form used for troop purposes.   You may copy the form you turned in to your daughter's troop leader as long as it is current.   We do require a copy on site with your daughter.  Please remember that we are a council approved volunteer-led Day Camp and as such do not have access to the records River Valleys may have of your forms.  We are required to have our own set during camp for the health and safety of our campers.  River Valleys has made this a universal form so that it may be copied and used for all types of council approved events including camps.  The medication form is required if your daughter has an inhaler or allergy meds or any other medication that must be dispensed during Day Camp.